Our skin tone is our most beautiful asset, regardless of the shade. It’s a universal concept, yet individual to the beholder. Our clothing should think no differently.


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Inspired by exceptional admiration for the heavenly connection between the Earth and the human body, IN THE LABEL is the brainchild of Spanish model Irene Noren. Having spent time posing nude in front of camera, Irene would often find herself confronted by the question “What would a world without clothes look like?” This thesis led to the development of the idea that we could all live harmoniously in a confident society that respects everyone for who they truly are; accepting of each other’s true appearances through adopting a new approach to what we wear and how we wear it.

IN THE LABEL is a groundbreakingly ethical collection of exclusively nude coloured clothing. Created in 4 beautiful shades, the collection has been carefully designed for anyone who wants to celebrate their natural skin tone and appearance through durable, comfortable and stylish clothing.

As a modern company, IN THE LABEL is fully committed to sourcing only the most sustainable products in the creation and distribution of our collection. Irene Noren maintains her position at the forefront of a company that continuously strives to be kind to our planet. It’s the only planet we have, so let’s be good to it!


The idea of this brand arose as I have often had to pose with little or almost no clothes, and over time I have gained confidence in my body, coming to respect and love me as I am.



Our ground-breaking vision is to redefine the relationship between our inner beauty and what we wear. We encourage our customers to challenge the notion of censored nudity; to rethink society’s misconstrued concept of what it means to be nude. This contemporary realignment of thought enables the wearer to become their better self – confident and secure, while embracing their distinctive features and personal characteristics. We strongly advocate for bodily acceptance, for the human right to feel beautiful in our own skin and confident in our unique appearance.

Our vision is cultivated by our deep inspiration and free-flowing admiration for the world we call home, and the plethora of natural shades that connect us all to nature. Our collection was born from the dissection of morality; and the definition of what it means to be human. We urge our audience to embrace the ground from which they were created, to operate sustainably, and to feel reconnected to a collective society; reinforcing the interim condition of the human body – in all of its earthly shades and shapes. IN BY IRENE is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a new way of living, of thinking, of breathing. We want to remind a society that is increasingly eating itself alive of just one message: we are all one.

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 your own skin
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IN THE BODY – Command confidence in our latest and most beautiful body suit. Made from a tailored blend of cotton and vegan-friendly elastane, IN THE BODY is available in 4 earthly shades; Brown Sugar, Hazel Nut, Ginger Bread, and Rocky Road. Its exact fit accentuates not only the skin tone, but the shape of the body too; making it ideal as both a stand-alone piece, and perfect to style with other accessories.

IN THE BRIEFS – Designed for the most private of places, IN THE BRIEFS were cultivated with key attention to comfort and fit. Celebrate your unique body in a groundbreakingly new style of undergarment, in a shade that’s perfect for you!

IN THE T-SHIRT – We’re back to the basics with IN THE T-SHIRT. Benefitting from a careful design and a tailored cut, this piece loves a body that loves it back; and its perfect fit accentuates the tone and shape of the wearer through 4 beautiful shades. Combining these elements with its cotton base, IN THE T-SHIRT quickly becomes an easy to wear and effortlessly simple piece.

IN THE SWIMWEAR – Coming soon. Embrace your body and its heavenly connection to the Earth in our eye-catching IN THE SWIMWEAR two-piece bathing suit. Its playful print works in harmony with the physical attributes of the body, firmly placing its alluring reversible design in a league of its own.

Perfect for the poolside, our IN THE SWIMWEAR trunks celebrate the godly design of man and the temporal nature of the human body. Our IN THE SWIMWEAR allows the wearer to confidently dive into their unique identity.

For me, this brand is designed for lovers of nature, art, beauty. Men and women who are not afraid to show their bodies, who defend their values and with strong and admirable personalities.


Irene Noren

Creator, Founder, Mother

IN THE LABEL is the brainchild of Spanish Influencer and Model Irene Noren; and the collection has taken her an entire career to cultivate. Having began her professional identity in the expeditious world of modelling, Irene naturally found herself becoming increasing comfortable with her identity and physical appearance following every shoot. Finding herself so heavily in front of the lens allowed Irene to develop an acute appreciation for the natural tone of an exposed body; and she used this commendation alongside her admiration for the cherished nudity of the Italian Renaissance to develop the deep foundations of her ground-breaking first collection.

Although she adores fashion and the world of creative expression, Irene proudly places her dedication to sustainability and social responsibility at the core of her business. She strongly believes that due to the earthly inspiration behind the collection, the production and distribution of the items should pay back their dues to the world. Irene places these paramount ideals above all else; and they run deep in the veins of her company. She aims to challenge the current destructive nature of fashion, and the distorted relationship between what we where and where it comes from.

When she’s not on set, in the studio or visiting the manufacturers, Irene can be found either between the streets of Paris or the sandy shores of Ibiza.